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Outreach Program Area

The Mission and Ministry Council provide District congregations, church workers, and lay people with support, assistance, and training in various areas of ministry.  The Mission and Ministry Council, made up of a committee of professional church workers and lay people from the District, is able and ready to provide resources and guidance in their respective ministry areas.  Professional church workers and lay people are encouraged to contact the Mission and Ministry Council for assistance in their ministries.


Everyone His Witness

Everyone His Witness is an evangelism program offered by the LCMS Office of National Mission.  It is a relational, contextual witnessing guide that includes 6 key elements: Listen-Ask-See-Share-Invite-Encourage (LASSIE).  Everyone His Witness workshops provides congregations the opportunity to be trained to share their Christian faith with people of other world religions, as well as with people who are dechurched or unchurched. 


The LCMS Office of National Mission is addressing the challenge of congregational decline through a comprehensive revitalization initiative. re:Vitality is a full-scale program that addresses the three fundamental premises of revitalization by providing congregations with resources to improve their abilities to invite, welcome and receive people from outside the congregation.

This Lutheran Hour Ministries’ witnessing-training program provides lay people with the tools and training needed to confidently accept their mission of sharing Jesus Christ with unique people in diverse settings.

Planting Gospel Seeds While Serving Human Needs

The “Planting Gospel Seeds While Serving Human Needs” program helps congregations develop ways to enable their neighbors to break the cycles of poverty and struggle.  By identifying the most critical, unmet and under-served needs in the community, congregations can plan ministries that build closer relationships with neighbors and help congregations become vital, growing churches, making new disciples for Christ.

Addtional Resources

Community Canvas Guide

A helpful introduction and guide for congregations wishing to canvass their neighborhood to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and invite neighbors to visit their congregation.

Outreach Resources

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Witnessing Resources

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Rural Ministry

Jesus said, “Let us go on to the next towns, that I may preach there also, for that is why I came out.” Word and Sacrament ministry in rural and small town settings provide their own unique set of joys and challenges. Over 50% of LCMS congregations are located in rural and small town contexts.

The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod’s Rural and Small Town Mission (RSTM) supports pastors, professional church workers and lay leaders to meet the challenges of leading Christ-centered outreach in their unique communities. RSTM is the place for rual and small town congregations to go to receive support, resources, and encouragement.

World Missions

Jesus said, “…and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.” The Lord’s desire is to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ spread to every corner, to every nation, and to every person in the world. While each of us has opportunities to share the Gospel personally, the Lord also calls us to support efforts to promote the Gospel around the world. Here you will find links to many helpful and useful resources that will inform and inspire you to join in the work of world missions

Mission Central, a strategic arm of our Synod’s LCMS Mission Advancement department, is located in Mapleton, Iowa.  Since 2003 Mission Central has been serving the LCMS’s largest mission supporting network of contributors, who through prayer and generosity send and sustain official LCMS missionaries in harvest fields around the world.  Along with facilitating prayer and financial  support for official LCMS missionaries serving here in the U.S. and overseas, Mission Central provides a place for missionaries to stay while on furlough, offices where meetings can take place, facilities for mission events, and worship space for more than 300.   Old Missionary Gary Theis and his co-missionary, Rev. Dr. Brent Smith, invite you to visit anytime and to become a partner in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world.

The LCMS has chaplains serving in all branches of the military all around the world.  This link will provide you with more information about LCMS Ministry to the Armed Forces and Operation Barnabas.

Addtional Resources

Where We Are

Follow this link to learn more about the places of ministry, the missionaries, and the projects The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod is invested in around the world.
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Mission Service Opportunities

Is God calling you to serve Him in the mission field? If you are interested in becoming a career missionary or going on a short term mission trip, this link will provide you with information about different types of missionary service.
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Support A Missionary

Are you interested in finding and supporting a particular missionary and their family? This link will connect you to a catalog of missionaries and where they are serving in the world. You can learn more about each missionary and the ministry they are doing.

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Walk With Your Missionaries

This resource is full of helpful ways that you can support and stay informed of the work of LCMS missionaries around the world.

How to Host an LCMS Missionary in Your Congregation

If you would like to request a missionary speaker for your congregation, complete the request form found at this link: Once the form has been completed, Karen Schultz in LCMS Mission Advancement will be notified of your request and will then work to schedule a missionary speaker for your congregation.  If you would like to contact Karen Schultz directly, she can be reached at: Tips for Hosting a Missionary Visit is a helpful resource that provides congregations with tips on what to do before, during, and after a missionary visits their congregation.

Network Supported Missionaries

Do you wonder why LCMS missionaries are required to raise their own funds before they can begin their mission work? This document will help you to understand the rationale for why the LCMS uses the Network Supported Missionary model

Mission Congregations

“And more than ever believers were added to the Lord, multitudes of both men and women…” (Acts 5:14). It is the Lord’s desire that the number of disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ grow until the full harvest of believers is ready to be gathered in on the Last Day. Here you will hear about new mission congregations in The South Dakota District. Also, you can find resources to aid churches in planting new mission congregations.


The LCMS Church Planting Manual is a comprehensive guide that will help congregations in the process of planting a new mission congregation.


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